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About us

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To lead a life with smartt transport.
——To Lead the Times with Business Success, to Lead the Smart Transport with Scientific and Technological Innovation.
To become the Road Industry Leader and achieve the Intelligent Transportation Ecological Circle.
——To be the China's leading and world-class expressway investor and operator and comprehensive technology pioneer.
-  Core Value:
Complying to business disciplines, Striving for Progress, Pursuing of Innovation, Promoting coordination and Creating Value.
-Company Spirit:
Seizing the opportunity timely, endeavouring and industrious, brave to be the pioneer and outstanding beyond the tide.
Behavior of China Merchants Expressway-10 articles of Codes of Professional Ethics:
Patriotism:Concentrate to the country, and contribute to the society.
Devotion to the professional:We are all family members, all China Merchants Expressway people.
Dedicated:Praising craftsman’s spirit , focusing and fabulous.
Dedication:Satisfying people by smile, gaining trusts by sincerity.
Honesty:To keep the promise, to be honesty and incorruptness.
Cooperation:Although individual work is divided, cooperation can be borderless.
Win-win:Sharing brings advances together, win-win is the real win.
Innovation:Always innovates and making it a habit.
Value:Being a value creator , not a cost consumer.
Excellence:There is no best only the better.