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Industry layout

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Intelligent transpotation is an important growth pole of the development of CMET, whose functional objective is to support the main business and service industries. And now we have built “one institute and three platforms”, organized our intelligent transportation business. One institute is the Innovation Research Institute, carries out innovation research and development independently, integratedly or collaboratively. The innovative capital operation platform relies on China Merchants Communication Information Technology Co., Ltd., deeply integrating all intelligent transportation resources and using capital measures to explore business. The industrialization platform relies on companies such as China Merchants Xinzhi Technology Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Huachi Communications Scientific & Technical Co., Ltd, developing the industrialization of intelligent facilities, equipment, operation and service as the main goal, and its dutyis to promote the products and commercial operation of innovative technological achievements. The value-added service platform relies on Xingyun Digital Clustering (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Yangguang Transportation Media Co., Ltd.. Xingyun Digital Clustering’s main business is toll road toll value-added receptsservice while Yangguang Transportation Media’ duty is to continuously srpeading its radio frequency coverage, improving the program operation, and strengthening the capacity of expressway travel information service.