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Industry layout

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CMCT is regarded as a strong platform, besides its advanced research and development capability and innovation system, it has provincial and ministerial levels, attracting hundreds of professional scientific and technological talents whom are specialized in roads, bridges, tunnels and IT technology, some of them participate in a number of large national projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and some of them have won the First Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, the Zhan Tianyou Prize and other top prizes. CMCT has nearly 60 qualifications of various professions, such like “Comprehensive Engineering Investigation of A level”, “A-Highway Industry Design of A level” and “Municipal Industry (Road, Bridge and Tunnel) Professional Design of A level”. CMET has spreaded its  business in different types such as Engineering Investigation, design, experiments and inspection, consulting and supervision, engineering construction, product manufacturing, information service, design and contracting, PPP, etc.. CMET has invested in those companies, they are:  Chongqing Zhixiang Paving Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., whose business is the development and paving of special pavement materials; Chongqing Wanqiao Transportation Technology Development Co., Ltd., whose business is cable production development and installation; Chongqing Zhongyu Engineering Consultation and Supervision Co., Ltd., whose business is engineering supervision; Chongqing Quantong Engineering Construction Management Co., Ltd., whose business is PPP and other large-scale construction project management businesses; and a number of other benchmarking enterprises.